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Uniting Hearts for the Sanctity of Life
1544 Conifer Drive, Seattle, WA 98109
Uniting Hearts for the Sanctity of Life
March For Life St. Augustine

Ethical Conduct


I. Pursuing and Reporting Truth with Integrity

We will maintain honesty in our news gathering, reporting, and presentation, upholding the values of relevance, persistence, context, thoroughness, balance, and fairness.
Our goal is to comprehend the communities, individuals, and subjects we cover, delivering informed accounts of events.
The standards of accuracy we apply to news stories extend to factual information in editorials and opinion pieces.
We approach information from unofficial sources, including social media, with skepticism, prioritizing the verification of information.
When considering external news content, we assess source credibility, and evaluate the accuracy and value of information.

II. Serving the Public Good

We uphold First Amendment principles to support the democratic process.
We act as vigilant watchdogs over governing bodies and institutions affecting the public, ensuring transparency in public affairs.
Our aim is to uncover problems and wrongdoing while also proposing solutions that drive positive change in our communities.
We provide platforms for diverse voices and opinions.
We reflect and encourage understanding of the diverse facets within our community.
We offer editorial and community leadership, striving to enhance comprehension of complex issues.
In sharing opinion pieces, we promote viewpoints that stimulate insight, understanding, and civil discourse. A diversity of perspectives is encouraged to foster comprehensive discussions, particularly on specific topics.
We consider offering free access to certain news coverage during emergencies, public safety concerns, and appropriate instances like elections.

III. Practicing Fairness and Equitability

We treat individuals with respect and empathy.
Errors are promptly addressed and corrected.
Our commitment to providing all relevant sides of a story remains unwavering. When immediate inclusion of vital perspectives isn’t feasible, we provide updates and additional sources as they become available.
To promote transparency and engagement, we reveal our journalistic processes to our audience.
Fairness is of utmost importance in dealings with individuals unfamiliar with media interactions.
Confidential sources are relied upon for published information only as a last resort, following rigorous procedures in line with the public’s right to information.

IV. Upholding Editorial Independence

We remain independent of external interests, investments, or associations that could undermine the credibility of our news coverage.
Our relationship with entities attempting to influence news remains impartial and at arm’s length.
We abstain from endorsing political campaigns or causes through any means, including public/private donations, demonstrations, or social media posts.
Individual viewpoints that could raise concerns about our impartiality in news coverage should be kept private. This principle does not apply to those contracted to produce opinion pieces.
We avoid potential conflicts of interest and eradicate inappropriate influences on content.
We retain freedom from obligations to news sources, newsmakers, and advertisers.
The line between advertising and editorial content is maintained, with proper disclosures, transparency, and the prevention of explicit or implicit commercial endorsements by our journalists.
When news sponsorships are appropriate, they will not govern, alter, or constrain our content.

V. Acting with Unwavering Integrity

We engage in honorable and ethical interactions with news sources, the public, and colleagues.
Our actions adhere to legal standards.
Decency is maintained in our conduct.
We take accountability for our choices, acknowledging potential consequences.
We hold ourselves to these principles conscientiously.
We employ technological tools thoughtfully and skillfully, refraining from methods that distort facts, manipulate reality, or sensationalize events.
Plagiarism and fabrication of information are strictly avoided.
Visual, audio, or written content is not altered to misrepresent events or mislead audiences.

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